Ginseng Vodka

The next step in the vodka evolution.

First there was just plain and simple vodka.

Then came premium vodka.

Then came flavored vodka.

Now there is an ultra premium vodka enhanced with an exiting new edge.

Ginseng Vodka on top in all tests.

Several informal blind tests have been conducted comparing the world’s leading vodka brands. The test jurys have been selected among both bartenders, vodka experts and ordinary people.

In every test, bar none, Ginseng Vodka has come out on top!

Add the unique design.

Product design is becoming a top priority in today’s market place. The absolutely unique Ginseng Vodka bottle is designed by Lars Hall, one of Europe’s foremost designers.

It speaks for itself.

Why do we use Ginseng?

Contrary to popular belief, Ginseng is not used to flavour and aromatise our vodka. In fact, you wouldn’t know it was there had it not been so obvious (Ginseng Vodka).

Ginseng is simply added to enhance the gentle and smooth character of our vodka. You’ll have to search hard to find one smoother. Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. 70 cl, 37,5% ABV.

What are the secrets behind the deceptively mild taste?

Some of the secrets can be revealed:

  1. It is distilled over 100 times.
  2. It is made from slowly grown winter grain.
  3. Its water is natural, Swedish spring water having been filtered through layers of sand and limestone for decades.
  4. It contains pure Panax Ginseng having shown a suprising ability to enhance the taste by smoothing out the bitter sting of alcohol.

What about the effect of the ginseng?

Ginseng is the world’s most studied herbal remedy. It has been used for over 5000 years as a way to relieve fatigue, enhance general health and, not the least, male potency.

We know it has those properties. We know it enhances the tast of the vodka. But we can not, in all fairness, guarantee any special effects from drinking the vodka (aside from the booze effects). There are simply no studies made. But we can guarantee that the ginseng is there.


vodka-masters-2008-gold sip-awards-2009-ginseng sip-awards-2010-ginseng
Vodka Masters
London 2008
Master in class for
design and packaging
Sip Awards
Los Angeles 2009
Platinum in class quality
and taste, gold for
Sip Awards
San Diego 2010
Gold in design, Bronze
in class qualtiy and

 The secret behind the Ginseng Vodka