Pure Lake Getaway

Pure Lake Gateway Vodka
Alcohol by volume
37,5 %
700 ml bottle
Znaps Pure Lake Gateway Vodka is a Swedish high quality product from winter wheat, and distilled by method of multiple-column continuous distillation. Water from a two million year old ridge that took its final form during the last ice age is naturally filtered through fine rock and sand to perfectly mineralise and soften it before blending.


I always struggle to keep things in perspective. What’s important and what isn’t? For example, I’ve just been to the bank and taken out a mortgage of one and a half million to buy an apartment. And now I’m standing in the supermarket wondering if it’s worth paying a few extra for a thick-cut orange marmalade with a posh label… One and a half million, and I’m twiddling a jar of marmalade in my hand. Where’s the logic in that?
Answer – there is none.

The Surreal Deal.